Clarke, Ian : The Great Train Race


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Ian Clarke-The Great Train Race for Solo Flute

(B & C foot version)


A highly entertaining extended technique showpiece that sounds like its title!  Subtitled ‘The Flute As You Don’t Usually Hear It!’ it has proved extremely popular with audiences and players alike.


Techniques include; residual/breathy fast tonguing, multiphonics, singing & playing, lip bending, explosive harmonics and an optional circular breathing section.  A forward with explanations of the techniques is given along with fingerings in the score for easy reference.  The multiphonics used are of the more friendly variety; seven from only four differen’t fingerings.  

It has been listed on the Trinity/Guildhall’s grade 8 syllabus since 2000… unlike anything else on the grade 8 list.  It is now also listed on the Carnegie Hall/Royal Conservatory syllabus (Canadian/USA exam system grade 1- 10 plus ARCT) and AMEB (Australian Examinations Board).

It has had countless international performances to diverse smiling audiences from music colleges, schools, recital halls to performances in children’s orchestral concerts in Barbican Symphony Hall and Birmingham Symphony.