Flute and Piccolo Trials

Flute Pro Shop, Inc. (FPS) welcomes the opportunity to send our fine instruments out on trial. The following agreement will protect both FPS and our customers throughout the trial process. 

The term of the trial period is one week from the day the customer receives the instruments. An extension may be arranged for a fee of $75.00 per additional week or partial week.
Customers may take up to two instruments during a trial period, provided the combined retail value is less than $40,000.00.
The terms of this agreement limit the use of the trial instruments to at-home practice and playing at lessons or at professional rehearsals. 
Under no circumstances may the instrument be taken to school or to other venues until purchased.
Trial instruments must be returned in the same condition as received. Each instrument must be cleaned during the trial and before its return: the interior must be swabbed and the exterior must be wiped down each time the instrument is handled or played. The customer will be charged a $25.00 fee for the cleaning of any instrument returned in poor condition. Any repair costs resulting from the time of the trial are the responsibility of the customer.
The customer is responsible for shipping costs in both directions. FPS will supply packaging materials and shipping labels.
All FPS instruments are insured during the trial period and while in transit. The insurance benefit terminates upon purchase of the instrument. FPS recommends Clarion Insurance (www.clarionins.com or 1-800-VIVALDI).
FPS requires the customer to provide credit card “authorization” in the amount of $1,000.00 or the price of the instrument (whichever is less) during the trial period. This authorization will be released upon the purchase or safe return of the instrument(s).

If you agree to the above terms, please proceed to the next page.



Flute Pro Shop takes great pride in selling the very best examples of the art of flute making.   Therefore, FPS will not devalue any instrument in the inventory, nor will become involved in price wars.  In this way, FPS customers will always know the real price of the instruments.