FMC Flutes Available at Flute Pro Shop! February 25 2019


It was a very friendly and polite email from Japan.  The gentleman requested that I consider adding FMC flutes to the FPS inventory.  We frequently receive emails like this, so I was skeptical.  With so many options in manufacturers, why bring another one in? 

When I auditioned the first FMC flute, I was astonished.  You get a bit jaded with trying new flutes, especially when attributes are overstated.  From the first note I knew these were special flutes, unlike anything we had in the inventory.

I will be writing quite a bit about FMC, and will provide history, manufacturing techniques and more.  But for now, here is what Alexandra Conway, flutist in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, has to say about them:

How did you learn of FMC flutes?

I was searching for a new flute with a completely open mind. I tried anything I could get my hands on, probably over 100 flutes, from a wide variety of makers, in an attempt to find MY flute. I had some great advice not to look at any of the specifications of the instruments before trying them and I did my best not to even try to guess while playing the instrument what it might be and only to focus on the sound and the feel of the instrument. I was lucky that a flute shop in my area had a couple FMCs. I was immediately drawn to the sound and the feel of the instrument. Although I could find very few details about the flute at the time, I was hooked and have never looked back. 

What qualities of sound do you find in FMC flutes that are unavailable in other flutes?

In the interest of full disclosure, it has been quite a few years since I have really tried other instruments so I'm not totally sure what some of the newest flutes have to offer. What I love most about my FMC is the resonance in the sound. Most flutes have "dead zones" where you have to really work to get that ring in the sound. The masterful construction of the FMC has eliminated that for me and I find the instrument to be incredibly even throughout the range. Despite the abundant resonance, FMC's produce what I would call a compact sound with lots of core and in-tune harmonics.

How is the scale of the FMC flute?

The scale is pretty much impeccable. It's not quite like any other flutes that I have tried. Problem notes for many flutes (C#, Eb et cetera) are not a problem for the FMC.

What are the challenges you face in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and how does the FMC flute assist you with them?

In Winnipeg, we play a wide variety and vast amount of repertoire and experience some of the most extreme weather conditions in North America. My FMC allows me to be flexible enough to play such a vast repertoire and the construction is so stable and reliable that I don't have to worry the crazy weather will send it out of adjustment. 

You play in many other ensembles.  Is the FMC flute flexible enough to go from orchestral playing, to chamber music, and on to solo works?

In a word, yes. I can produce any sound I want on this instrument. It has the range of colors and dynamics to accommodate any style of playing. At this point, it's hard to imagine playing something else. 

Thank you, Alex!  I am sure there will be many more fans of these wonderful flutes!

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