It is a chemical fact that silver will tarnish.  This is very much the case with fine handmade flutes.  Tarnish is the result of hydrogen sulfide in the air.  This gas is prevalent in areas of high population density and industrial activity.  Sounds like pretty much all of the Northeast United States, and areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis…….

The major supplier of instrument cases to US flute manufacturers imported a bad batch of velvet from China in 2013.  The effect was felt immediately, and the supplier quickly changed the source.  The tarnish caused by this faulty velvet is hazy white/gray, and is most prevalent where the case comes in contact with the flute.

Most reputable flute manufacturers will replace the case upon request, as long as the owner provides photos and proof that they are the original owner.

What to do to prevent your flute from tarnishing if it is environmental in nature?  

  1. Wash your hands and swish out your mouth before playing. Brushing your teeth is even better.
  2. Keep packets of alcohol wipes in your case cover, and wipe off your fingers and palms before playing.
  3. ALWAYS swab out the instrument and wipe down the outside of the instrument after playing. Some polishing cloths are treated with a substance that will neutralize the PH from your fingers on the keys and body of the flute.  Polishing cloth. 
  4. Use tarnish strips, or….
  5. Anti-tarnish sachets are available as well and are proven to be 30 times more effective in neutralizing hydrogen sulfide.  Sachets.
  6. Make sure your flute has an annual COA to minimize the buildup of tarnish.          Ship your flute to Flute Pro Shop. 302.479.5000

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