Practice Peace Ukraine - May 1st April 04 2022


Flute Pro Shop’s Practice Peace Ukraine was a success because of you, the many flutists out there who practiced for hours to make possible three gifts to charities that directly help Ukrainian victims of Putin’s war.
Many have asked that we repeat the project.
And so, we have. PRACTICE PEACE UKRAINE-MAY 1 is an opportunity to again use the power of music to heal those of us who feel so helpless about the terror and death in Ukraine as well as the victims of this war.
(A flute player lullabies the ruins).
We ask that each of you plays this lovely work at noon in whatever time zone you are, on May 1.
Why May 1? Labor Day, on May 1, was traditionally a holiday to celebrate the spring in Ukraine, before becoming a day for workers during the 19th century. Either way you look at it, we can help Ukraine both grieve and look forward to a future.
For PRACTICE PEACE UKRAINE-MAY 1, the first 10 people to order the music will enjoy a 100% discount, with a small shipping charge.
For all others, the music will be discounted 50%.  Code ~ PracticePeace
 FPS asks that you photograph yourself with the music, or send a video of your playing. We will work to get the performances and photos to Ukraine. 
In addition, FPS will donate $5.00 to a certified Ukraine charity for each photo/video received.
 Poulenc’s one-page solo is beautifully simple. All flutists can perform it. Taking a repeat before the last 2 measures allows for dynamic contrasts and varied phrasing.
 Not a flute player? No problem! This work can translate to any musical instrument.
 Questions can be sent to We will answer them as soon as possible. Music will be shipped the day it is ordered.
Practice Peace begins with us all.

Many thanks to Hal Leonard for their support with this project.