Wind-D-Fender at Flute Pro Shop July 27 2020


Win-D-Fender allows flutists to play in windy environments for the first time in history!

Includes luxurious velvet bag that can be attached to your flute case.




~Shields lip plate, reducing negative effects of ambient winds on flute tone
~Creates personal monitor by reflecting sound back to player’s ears
~Essential for marching band or any outdoor performance
~Lightweight and comfortable
~Installs quickly and securely with centering guide feature
~Vented design enhances projection and eliminates condensation and blow back
~Rotate outward under normal conditions or inward for most win


    "Considered a possible solution to minimize the forward explosion of droplets by flute players. The Wind-D-Fender is an attachment to the tone hole originally designed to block obstructive wind gusts during marching band flute solos in outdoor competitions. This product could minimize droplets as a reverse effect to its original purpose."