Sarah's Space November 29 2017

In September, we all had the pleasure to meet and host the piccoloist from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She gave a series of university classes, and was in residence at Flute Pro Shop, where she presented a day and a half of workshops and masterclasses. Sarah is one of the most well informed musicians I know. She had many recommendations to the staff of FPS. Pointing out that piccolo players (and more than likely flute players) WILL lose hearing in the right ear, she was adamant that all of us wear ear plugs when we play. FPS will soon have in stock the best non-prescription ear plugs available. Sarah also had many ideas regarding repertoire (now in our library) cork grease, cleaning swabs, piccolo manufacturers, and more. Our sale will reflect Sarah’s recommendations and favorites! Please shop Sarah’s Space November 29-30 and enjoy 10% off and a free silk piccolo swab! You will know your choices have been recommended by the best!
The discount code to use as you checkout is PiccoloLove. Enjoy!