"The nicest ladies in the land! So helpful and professional. Just LOVE FPS! " ~ Deborah Podolka Educator of the Flute,Michigan

"I had been toying around with purchasing a gold flute for about 3 years but could not find just the perfect instrument.  I only play Muramatsu flutes and it's the only brand I've ever owned.  One morning while relaxing with coffee and perused Flute Pro Shop's web site and low and behold was a flute that seemed to meet every criteria that I wanted.   The flute was being shown at the West Chester Flute Fair so I jumped in the car that day and visited Kristen  and signed out the flute for a week trial.  By the second day I new this was the flute for me.   Joan could not have been more accommodating and professional.   From the get go, she was interested in me as a client and what my needs were.  She made me feel I was her only client the day we got together and she spent exactly the right amount of time with me while I made my final decision.   She contacted the seller of the flute while I was in her shop and negotiated the sale price that was more than fair to me as the buyer as well as taking care of the seller.   I left her shop that day with a flute that took 3 years to find and I could not be happier.  The entire experience was fun, exciting and never was there a moment of pressure to purchase.  It was all about me and finding the perfect instrument.  I also experienced professionalism when it came time to sell my silver Muramatsu.  Once again, the Flute Pro Shop found the perfect player who would love my flute  as much as I did.  Thinking of visiting the Flute Pro Shop?   Run don't walk.  It's worth every moment of holding a wonderful flute in your hands and hearing yourself play." ~Louis P.


 "Joan and Kristen are all extremely knowledgeable about the specifics of every flute in the inventory. They all worked with me for about 8 months by letting me sample different models, as well as emailing and calling me to ensure I felt comfortable with my purchase. I highly recommend the Flute Pro Shop for any purchase! My new Muramatsu DS is a dream come true and I'm thankful for their help finding the perfect flute for me!" ~Corinna M.


#1 flute home for any kind of flute - purchasing, selling, education. and advice. Even my mother asked Joan's advice for us back in the day! Flute Pro Shop has knowledge and passion for our niche in the world and above all - customer service is "KEE!" Thanks to Dave Kee - a stalwart of the industry and fine craftsman - these two amazing people make it happen. I'm home again thanks to FPS!" ~ Amy Porter


"Amazing how a music shop can shape the level of expertise in the field. Brava to you" ~ Patricia George


" Low C! I trust Dave Kee!" ~ Amy Porter


"Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do in the flute world. Flute Players everywhere are fortunate to have you around. Looking forward to my next visit!    ~Josh J.


" It was so nice visiting with you on Sunday. Thanks again for all the help and support you gave Emma in selecting her flute! I can't wait to see and hear it!"     ~Martha M.


 "Joan, I cannot tell you what an honor it is to have you perform with me today. Thank you for making the premier of A Newtown Memorial so special.  I am blessed to have you as a friend and colleague. "   ~Anna M.


"My brand new Burkart Resona is working very well! I absolutely love it. And my range has improved and I am playing at the same level I used to." ~Kia J.


 "Just wanted to say what a WONDERFUL experience we had up there today working with Kristen. She was so knowledgeable, and wonderfully helpful. Thanks again! ~ Jamie G.


 "Thank you, Joan Sparks for visiting the flute studio at the University today!!! You brought so many exceptional flutes!! My students were most impressed with your informative talk and those who got the flutes on trial are absolutely thrilled!!! And what an assortment of music! I love my new black tote. We are so appreciative of your time and generosity. ~Sara N.


 "Now that it is official, I am happy to share that this stunning 14k Haynes head joint is now a part of my life!! Thank you so much to Joan Sparks and Flute Pro Shop for once again pointing me in the direction of a fantastic head joint!" ~Matthew A.


"Thanks so much for visiting! Everyone is still talking about how wonderful it was for you to be here. What a great day it wasfor them and for me. Tara sounds wonderful on her new flute and Kia is really enjoying here LefreQue! It definitely makes a difference in the sound of her flute and Tara sounds like a whole different person on her Di Zhao flute. Thanks so much!

PS-- My new flute tote rocks!!!!! LOVE it!"



 "Headed to the Flute Pro Shop this evening to pick up my newly overhauled bass clarinet from David Kee the Magnificent. New pads after 34 years on the originals!" ~Daniel D.


 "Loving my new David Chu head-joint! I highly recommend that all of my flutist friends check out Flute Pro Shop!! Excellent service, friendliest staff ever, and the most knowledgeable, professional flutist!!! How lucky am I to live so close to this gold mine of a small business!" ~Mary R.


 "Thanks Flute Pro Shop! You made this girl's day! Wonderful bass flute rental!" ~Martha M.


 "Wonderful professional staff! You are in great hands with FPS!"   ~Taylor I.


 "Super friendly people and excellent flutes to try as well!" ~Daniel W.


"Friendly staff, expert advice, and able to get their hands on anything you could want for your flute. These folks are HIGHLY recommended! Thanks Flute Pro Shop and Joan, for an amazing experience. You've gained an enthusiastic customer!" ~Michael L.


 "A great place for flutists to meet ! Keep in mind , there is NO SALES TAX in Delaware! Just an added bonus !" ~Andrew C.


"Joan is an insightful flute - fitting expert! You will love working with her." ~Linda M.


"What a classy store you have! I love my grown up flute tote and I am all ready for my travels in style.  Kristen your emails were so kind and I loved talking with you. You guys really are PROS!" ~Deborah P.


 "Dear David & Kristen,

Thank you for your hard work selling my flute!!! I'm glad to hear it has gone to a good home.  Thanks for helping me to start the next part of my career! Thank you also David, for all of your work adjusting my flute last year. Your expertise and advice were really invaluable to me.  You are a pleasure to work with!  I will definitely continue to recommend Flute Pro Shop to all my flutist friends." ~Amy C.



"Flute pro show gave me my first Haynes flute and I've been in love with it since. I got it this past June for my birthday and can't be happier with my choice. Thank you  for helping me pick out my current flute." ~Isabella H.


 "A delightful day in Delaware! The first stop was The Flute Repair Specialist - David Kee of Flute Pro Shop , visiting the helpful staff at The Flute Pro Shop and trying some flutes and piccolos !!!! Two of my friends from our Chesapeake Flute Consort joined me there . Rick , Dianne , and I had a great visit !"    ~Andrew C.


 "The name says it all! Flute PRO Shop is nothing but professional. Great products, great people and great customer service!" ~Kate R.


 "Thanks so much for selling my DiZhao so quickly! You guys are amazing and great!" ~Liz M