“The December eBay Amnesty Flute Repair Special” December 03 2015

Flute Pro Shop
“The December eBay Amnesty Repair Special”
The following is a fictionalized compilation of several instances in which FPS has rescued flutes in distress.”

It was a dark and stormy late afternoon in early December.  There was a tentative push on the shop door and, and in walked one of Flute Pro Shop’s clients, soaked by the pouring rain and looking sheepish.

Joan stood up to greet her. “Hello!”

A torrent of words poured out.

“Please don’t hate me.  But.  I saw this really great deal on a silver flute on eBay.  The store looked legit, and the price was fantastic!  It looked great in the photo.  It didn’t bother me that it was listed as ‘no return’, and ‘as-is.”

“The thing is it doesn’t play very well and I don’t know what to do.  So I got all my courage up and came to you.  Can you help?  Please?”

“Please sit down,” Joan said, “let me hang up your coat.  Would you like a cup of tea?  Now, let’s look at this flute and see what we can do for you.  I’ll bet you saw our December special.”

“December special?”

“Yes.  Many of our clients are lured by low prices on eBay, and do exactly what you did.”

“I’m not the only one?”  She was very surprised at this.

“Not at all,” Joan assured her, “it is a problem, and many don’t have your courage to come see us.  We decided to offer an ‘eBay Amnesty Discount’ to anyone who has received a flute from an eBay site and finds it is in bad repair.”

“Oh!  Then I am in luck!  Well.  Sort of.” She shrugged.

“Do you have the EBay receipt with the flute model and serial number?”

“I was supposed to keep that?”

“It would have been easier, but if you don’t mind logging into your eBay account, we can find it there.”

Comforted by the tea, she opened up her IPad, logged into eBay, verified the flute was indeed purchased there, and the flute was signed in and placed in the repair queue.

As it was, the flute needed a complete Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) and needed 4 pads replaced.  Typically this service at Flute Pro Shop is $365.00. 

Due to the Amnesty discount, the COA was only $299.

She came back into the shop on a bright sunny mid-December day, and opened the door with energy.  “Hi!” 

The flute was presented to her, and she played it at once.

“Wow!  I can’t believe this is the very same flute I brought in a week and a half ago!  I bet it cost a lot to have it sound this good.”

Much to her delight, the price was reasonable, and she left happy with a flute that worked well.

This scenario happens fairly regularly, which makes us wonder how many others are out there struggling with a poorly regulated flute.

Flute Pro Shop is reaching out to you, the bargain seekers (and who isn’t these days?) to say we love you anyway, and we love your flute, and we will take excellent care of you both!

Go to www.fluteproshop.com to get the details of this wonderful offer.

And next time, check us out before making that eBay purchase!