Self Care

We are introducing our new Self Care section at just in time for the holidays with our Sonoma Lavender™ collection, the industry leader in quality heat able Spa Products.

Starting with the Lavender Collection of neck pillowsheat wrapsbooties, and mittens, they are all carefully selected to ensure that your muscles are calmed down after long hours of practice/teaching and/or concerts.

These function in the usual way: heated supportive wraps to relieve tension.  But what about pedagogical uses?  Think of your student whose shoulders rise to their ear lobes as they play?  The Lavender neck pillow is also a perfect, gentle and relaxing way to reinforce good posture.  The wraps also work well to assist with the same correction.  Both will also help eliminate excessive neck torque while playing. The Spa mittens are also a luxurious way to soothe any tension that has built up in your hands and wrists after playing. Pair the mittens up with the booties for sore feet and you are set.  

We also like the Lavender infused with Eucalyptus.  Traditionally used for treatment of coughs, colds, and respiratory ailments the Eucalyptus will assist with opening airways, clearing the mind, and sharpening focus.  This is a wonderful solution to the mental fatigue experienced during intense (or not so intense) practice. 
Watch for additional products in our Self Care section to help you become the best you can be as a musician, teacher and person.