Flute Pro shop was named a Top 100 Music Retailer for 2015 by NAMM!! June 17 2015


It’s time to settle down now.  I’ve been walking around in a general state of delirium after FPS was named a Top 100 Music Retailer for 2015 by NAMM three weeks ago today. 

While I was the one that wrote the applications, it is the team here at Flute Pro Shop that has earned the award.  David Kee is an outstanding master flute repair technician who takes care of big flutes and not-so-big flutes with equal care and concern for the flutist.  Tim, the reed repair tech, and flute sous chef, keeps us all current with the younger generation. Like our logo, and all the social media materials? That’s Kristen Michelle, who also is a fabulous flute whisperer, matching up flute and player in a manner that instills confidence.  Denise is our bookkeeper, and knows very well how to say “no” to uninformed spending (generally speaking that is me).  And Ron handles most of the inventory entry and all of the shipping, all the while keeping us laughing at his jokes.

Also in line for thanks are our manufacturers and flute makers who dedicate themselves to quality and innovation.  It’s the feeling of pride in these outstanding products that fuels us to show these flutes, accessories and music with passion and energy.

And then, I must thank all of our customers who have supported us in our 5 years in this shop.  Without your loyalty and referrals, this award would not be possible.

Rather than punching at the computer keys right now, I am typing with an attitude of gratitude for all the wonderful folks who have been there with us and who have helped FPS earn a Top 100 Music Retailer award for 2015.