Provocative Pairings at Flute Pro Shop. March 13 2020

Provocative Pairings!
Provocative [adj.] serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating conversation or exciting controversy. 
Pairing [v.] the matching up of two objects as for comparison or competition.
Provocative Pairings [fps] The matching up of headjoints with flutes for comparison tending to excite the imagination, provoke curiosity, or provide a stimulating new sound and mode of expression.
That's right folks!  There are limitless fascinating combinations of flutes and headjoints in the inventory of Flute Pro Shop!
New videos will be available in early April that will demonstrate the transformational and thrilling difference a change of headjoint alone can provide the flutist.
We will also demonstrate how an older flute can be brought to life with a new, modern headjoint.
Join us on YouTube for Provocative Pairings and bring your flute playing to an entirely new level.