Summer = Technique April 29 2015





Summer = Technique!!

As the calendar turns to May, I begin to plan my summer flute practice.  At the same time, plans for the swimming season as well.  Nothing like swimming out doors, when the honeysuckle is in bloom...but I digress...
I love the summer because I can practice for myself.  The concert season is concluded, there are fewer concerts in which I am not in charge of the program, and I can work on what I want to work on.
So each and every summer I design for myself a Technique Building practice routine.
This year I am going to do Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue.
New=Nicola Mazzanti's Daily Exercises for the Piccolo.  Only, I will do them on the flute.
Something old that I have been wanting to re-examine the are the Jean-Jean "Etudes Modernes."  Looking through them today, I was reminded what a collection of gems they are.
And borrowed?  Amy Porter's J. S Bach Six Cello Suites for Flute.
Finally blue.  "Famous Flute Studies and Duets", or as we call it here at FPS, "Big Blue".  In this collection are the Andersen etudes, Op. 30 and 63, and the fabulous solo version of "L'Apres midi".
I will park these volumes on my music stand and plan each practice session based upon what worked/didn't work the previous day, weeks, or months before.
The Mazzanti is where I warm up all techniques.  I love the fresh approach, new exercises, and his commentary.  
Next up is the Bach.  So many of the flexibility exercises in the Mazzanti are the ideal warm up for these cello suites.  I particularly enjoy bringing out the implied counterpoint in the Bach after having played those exercises.
Then, there is the Jean-Jean etude book.  I plan to do these in order, as they flow so well one into the other.
Call me a nerd, but I love the solo version of L'Apres midi in the big blue "Famous Flute Studies and Duets."  I will make this a daily routine.  It is fun to bring out the various colors of the solo instruments.  And I love playing the harp glissandos immediately following the famous flute solo in the beginning.
This summer I am adding something very new to me: improvisation.  This will of course happen in the privacy of my very own studio, as I am very shy about the whole process.  
If you'd like to explore these technical wonders with me, visit and order the volumes outlined above.
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Enjoy!  I know I will....