The Flutist's Life by Erv Monroe of Muramatsu America Flutes with Trudy Kane and Joan Sparks. May 13 2020

What does one do when asked to participate in a project with beloved colleagues and business partners during a Pandemic? 
You leap at the opportunity!
When the call came in to provide the narration for the Muramatsu America project to narrate Erv Monroe’s hilarious and all-too true
“A Flutists’ Life” the answer was yes!!

Kristen and I set the stage, thinking of these great instruments, and Trudy Kane who was performing the flute part.  Filmed in front of the fireplace in my living room, my 14K Muramatsu was on one flute stand, and the Muramatsu that Murray Panitz bought back in the 1970’s was on the other. The backdrop is dedicated to Trudy: a rendition of “The Flight of the Valkyrie”!
Please visit our collection of beautiful Muramatsu Flutes at the link below.