Blizzard Jonas 2016 with Flute Pro Shop's PAN-o-METER January 21 2016




Greetings from ground zero for Winter Storm Jonas, aka The Blizzard.

What's a flute shop to do when weather phenomenon like this shows up and forces the cancellation of the Flute Society of Philadelphia's Flute Fair?
We will have a virtual Flute Fair, right here in Wilmington, Delaware.
Who better to help us with this project than our old flute friend, Pan?
Our Pan is 15" tall.  The Weather Channel tells us that Jonas will dump 12-18" of snow on us Friday-Sunday.  I'd say Pan is just the right size for us to gauge the accuracy of this prediction.
Here's how the Flute Fair will work:
From the time the snow starts until we have 6"on the ground (or up to Pan's knees)
ALL SHEET MUSIC will be 25% off.  
Here's the fun part: from 6" until the snow stops, ALL SHEET MUSIC will be 50% off.
This is how Kristen Michelle and I will keep from getting cabin fever: we will be filling your orders as soon as they come in.

Measurements will be taken every hour once the the snow starts.Special prizes will be available for those of you who accurately predict the total snow fall amount here at FPS at 4 hours into the storm.  We will take accurate measurements using our exclusive Pan O'meter.

Simply use Pan15inches25 or Pan15inches50 in the code box and your discounts will be applied.