Nor'easter SALE at Flute Pro Shop March 02 2018


Any item in the FPS inventory that contains the words North, East, Storm, Rain, Wind, will be drastically reduced!

Northwind Cases
Schunck: North Star Overture
Eastman Cherry Wood music stands
Schulamit Ran: East Wind
David Stock: East Wind
Storm Piccolos
Gary Schocker: Rain and Shine
Daniel Dorff: Cape May Breezes (close enough)
April Whirlwind
Katherine Hoover: Four Winds 
Power Lungs (so you can create your own Bombogenesis)

Each purchase will include a FREE Storm Bottle! Ours is even more accurate than AccuWeather!
* Sadly, no products matched the name of the storm, or the scary term, “Bombogenesis”