Quality is the object of all services offered at Flute Pro Shop.  

From flute purchasing, to repair service, to selection of music and accessories, you will find only the highest quality products and service from Flute Pro Shop.

Flute Pro Shop has always been proud of the outstanding work of David Kee, Flute Repair Specialist here at the shop. David is certified by Straubinger, a Haynes certified technician and has trained at Burkart Flutes. He studied repair of Muramatsu flutes with the legendary Paul Rabinov and completed specialized training with Muramatsu in Japan, becoming a Certified Muramatsu Technician. Bring your flute in for repair to experience Dave's fine work.

Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)

This process involves removing and disassembling the keys and mechanism.  Once apart, the mechanism is cleaned, and pads are inspected for wear and possible replacement.  Tone holes are checked to assure they are level, so adjustments are more accurate and long lasting, especially during seasonal changes. The old oil is removed from the rods, and the mechanism is tightened.  Any lateral play is removed so the keys move as smoothly and precisely as possible.  The instrument is reassembled and new oil is applied. Generally, this process takes 4.5 hours.  More time is needed if more than 3 pads are replaced. The typical COA is $425.00 - $485.00, with additional pads costing $25.00/35.00 depending on pad style.


All features above, with added the service of a complete repadding.  We offer Schmitt Gold pads, Straubinger pads, as well as high-quality, firm traditional felt/skin pads. FPS, as a certified Muramatsu shop, carries all authentic Muramatsu pads and parts. This service requires a minimum of 8 to 10 hours in shop. 


The flute is completely taken apart and the pins are pulled.  All of the services listed above are performed, with replacement of the steels as necessary. All tone holes are leveled, cork and felts are replaced, the head cork is checked and when warranted, replaced.  All parts of the flute are cleaned and hand-polished.  A complete overhaul can take as long as 20 hours in shop, depending on the condition of the instrument.  Overhauls start at $1500.00


Bench rate is $95.00/hour

Replacement parts are billed at the manufacturer’s rate.