Summer Flute Festival with Flute Pro Shop June 05 2014


I LOVE THE SUMMER!  I love doing intense technical practice in the summer to protect and repair technique, sound, pitch and rhythm.

Join me this summer as we re-vamp our flute playing!  This is a multilevel course designed to improve all levels of mind/body flute playing.  It will require 1 hour of mindful flute practice each day, as well as 20 minutes of reading and exercise time. 

There will be a class once a month at Flute Pro Shop to review the work ahead and the results of the previous weeks’ work.  Classes will meet from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.  The dates are: July 12, July 26, and August 9.  The series of 3 classes is $90.00.


10 Week Flute Festival Study Course

Practice Planner for Musicians, or you can download the app “Practice Nag”

“Body Mapping for Flutists” Lea Pearson

“Flute Scale book” George and Louke

“24 Etudes” Op. 15 Andersen


“Etudes mingnonnes” Op. 131 Gariboldi (less intense than Andersen)

Power Lung: Green, or “Move Aire”

Long Tones of the Month

Total package: $250.00


The package includes free access to videos to help you along the way.  You will be given a password when you make your purchase of the materials listed above, which will allow you access to the weekly practice plans and the instructional videos.  And of course, you are invited to join the live classes once a month.

Let’s all raise the bar on our flute playing.  The world will be a more beautiful place that’s for sure!