Edward Almeida Flutes and Headjoints


Edward Almeida has been making flutes since 1948, when he first apprenticed with Verne Q. Powell. In 1960 he was invited to become a part owner of the company, and was responsible for a number of significant innovations in flutemaking techniques which have since become standards in the industry.

The Almeida Flute was introduced in 1969. By combining precision tooling and meticulous handcraftsmanship, Almeida ensures an accurately fitted and tuned instrument of consistently high quality. Almeida flutes have a well deserved reputation for their lasting quality and for the consistently reliable sound preferred by discriminating performers worldwide. 

Almeida Flutes are available in sterling silver, 9K or 14K rose gold with full range of optional mechanisms and feature the soldered tone hole design.

All cups other than finger cups are fitted to the classic French style pointed arms. 

In addition to our own highly acclaimed scales, we also offer the William Bennett scales for A-440, A-442 or A-444. 

Sterling silver flutes are made in three tubing thicknesses: standard .014- inch and the heavier .016-inch and .018-inch. In making gold flutes (with either silver or gold mechanisms), .012 inch tubing is used.