Getting back into concert shape/Flute Spa October 14 2013

After having been in Europe for two weeks, it is time to get back into concert shape both on the flute and in how my clothes fit!

Last week, I practiced each day, and was astonished at two things: how unlike myself I sounded a week ago, and how much like I sounded like myself yesterday!

What a relief, especially as I had many dreams of not being able to play the flute while I was traveling.

The winning combination seems to be: Power Lung; lots of low long tones; slow, careful scales of all types. And my old standby: Taffanel-Gaubert 17 Daily Exercises. 

Another reason for my desperate attempt to regain concert shape: the Flute Spa set up for next week with my friend and colleague Mindy Bowman.

Flute Spa day activities feature: playing through all of Taffanel-Gaubert.  Ha! We will start out day at 10:00 with coffee and the first half of T-G, or to the end of No. 8.  Then lunch at our wonderful Corner Bistro downstairs (we will have wine), getting back to T-G and No.'s 9 to 17, followed by a chair massage by the incomparable Ginny Fisher. 

Want to join us?  We can all participate virtually, and share our experiences!  Compare aches and pains.  See what revelations we have at the process.