Air Turn

Air Turn represents the future in print music: pixels.  Paired with a tablet computer, Air Turn pedals allow any musician hands free music reading.   The backlit screen of the tablet makes for a crisp and clear reproduction of the music, without the need for stand lights.  It also eliminates large and cumbersome gig books, concert folders, and stacks of print music that is difficult to store and preserve.  Tens of thousands of pieces of music can be stored in a tablet computer.  Imagine all that in one slim, compact, and portable device.

Affordable music reading software can be downloaded from the internet.  Music can be downloaded from the internet, or scanned for tablet storage.

The Gig Easy IPad mount firmly holds any tablet computer, and attaches to either a portable gig stand, or mic stand. 

Marking pixilated music is best done with a stylus, following the software’s directions.  Music can be cataloged in a variety of ways, each as individual as the musician’s organizational preference.



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