Moyse, Marcel : An Extraordianary Man


An inviting and attractive book on the life and times of Marcel Moyse. Each chapter covers a facet of Moyse: A Biography, The Teacher, The Writer, The Performer, The Man, And Finally. Well illustrated and including an appendix with bibliographies, discography, films and videos, and more. Trevor Wye explores the nature, character, and musical philosophy of the great flutist with warmth, compassion, humour, and above all honesty. Six chapters, discography, 60 photographs.

“The purpose of this biography is to get to the truth of the man who was Marcel Moyse through recollections by the author and his colleagues. Sometimes the stories told are conflicting but they are purposefully so, to give the reader a more rounded idea of the man. The book includes chapters on Moyse – the Teacher, the Writer, the Performer, and the Man as well as a brief biography” – Trevor Wye