Jin Exercise Balls


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For the Mind – When your mind is stressed out, you have trouble focusing and relaxing. Stress can cause you to age faster and the effects on your health are very negative.  Exercise balls are unique because the way you use them is very rhythmic and relaxing. Rotating the balls is very calming and releases healthy energy by stimulating acupressure points. Exercise balls also can have musical chimes, when rotated, produce a pleasant melody helping you meditate achieving zen and harmony.

For the Healthy Body – In our modern world, exercise balls for the body is likely more relevant today than before. Our daily lives task our body with repetitive motions. Joints and muscles risk injury by overuse when working at our desks and doing other activities. This has lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis,  nerve damage, etc. Exercise so one muscle is not overused. The motion of the exercise increases circulation and reduces inflammation on the nerves. Exercise balls also incorporate the healing effects of Chinese medicine by targeting the meridians of your hand.