Dorff, Daniel : Spirit of the Hudson


A welcome addition to the bass flute repertoire, Dorff’s 14-minute sonata is designed as two pairs of slow-fast movements. While composed as a complete 4-movement sonata, either half may be performed alone as a 7-minute recital work. The Sonata springs from Dorff's impressions of the Hudson River: "Every thought led to the river’s essence, its own spirit and life — flowing through raw nature, from skinny trickles to mightiness spawning cities; supporting subtle life, and becoming a central commons for human societies." The movement titles are: I. Sprawling, burbling; II. Sparkling, glistening; III. Under Winter; and IV. Spring Spirits. "A truly stunning composition. One will never hear the bass flute the same… the emotional colours that are invoked through Dorff’s use of lyricism and rhythmic drive set this gem in a league of its own. I’m honoured Danny… Thank you for inspiring the next generation." -- Peter Sheridan (