Ryerson, Ali : 4 Jazz Duets


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4 Jazz Duets For 2 Flutes by Ali Ryerson

Score and parts

I. Daytime Blue

II. In The Shade

III. Fourths For Two In Three

IV. Try And Catch Me

At last(!), here is my first collection of swingin’ jazz duets for classical and jazz flutists alike. These cool melodies and groovin’ jazz rhythms are sure to transform your flute duet into a real jazz duo! A few tips to achieve that true jazz sound on the flute: try using a bit less vibrato; play with a subtle swing feel (swing 8th notes); use legato tonguing (unless otherwise marked) as your “default” jazz articulation.

Two of the four duets, ‘Daytime Blues’ and ‘In the Shade’, offer a “solo section” where you can either improvise over a 12-bar blues chord progression (chord symbols are marked), or play the optional written-out solo.

I hope you have as much fun playing these jazz duets as I have!

Ali Ryerson