Potter, Chris : Winter Duets


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Winter Duets: to Keep You Warm at Night! is Chris’s most recent duet book.

The cover photo is of the bass flute sculpture in Chris’s front yard after a Colorado snow storm.

Winter Duets includes five pieces arranged for different combinations of flutes:

  • section 1 is for any two flutes in the same key
  • section 2 is for a C flute on the top and a G flute on the bottom
  • section 3 is for a G flute on the top and a C flute on the bottom.

The pieces included are:

  • three movements of the Vivaldi Winter Concerto
  • the Ukrainian Bell Carol
  • the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet
  • the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker
  • three movements from the Corelli Christmas Eve Concerto

Ability Levels

  • easy – the Ukrainian Carol
  • intermediate – the slow movement of the Vivaldi, Romeo and Juliet, the Waltz of the Flowers, all movements of the Corelli
  • advanced – the two fast movements of the Vivaldi