Louis Anthony : Salone del Astor (Flute and Piano)


Joan Sparks of Flute Pro Shop will premiere Salone del Astor at the National Flute Association convention at 2:15 pm on August 12th 2018. Commissioned by Ms. Sparks, Louis Anthony deLise composed Salone for flute and vibraphone. Vibraphonist for the premiere will be Professor Harvey Price of the University of Delaware. 
The composer writes, “In Salone del Astor I bring together several disparate musical and personal ideas I have been toying with for several years. These include the intersection of my work in popular music and life as a composer of concert music; the exploration of my European ancestry; the preoccupation I have with music for dancing and singing; and only recently, a survey of compositions by Astor Piazzolla…For me, music is most often the impetus for dance or for song. In my musical world, music never just is: it has function in addition to purpose. It is natural (almost to the point of expectation) that I would create movements that are abstractions of dances.”