Flute Pro Shop 3rd Birthday Bash! July 09 2013


Today, Flute Pro Shop, Inc., turns 3 years old.

July 10, 2010 is the day that I made Flute Pro Shop my full time occupation.

Initially, it was 2 distinct sole proprietorships: me as Flute Pro Shop, and David Kee as Musically Sound, sharing shop space which we "inherited" from Vince, a Buffet Clarinet dealer.

As both businesses became busier, and more intertwined, we made the move to incorporate in April of 2012.  This simplified bookkeeping, billing, inventory and more.  Plus, I am now in a business partnership with a person whom I greatly admire.

In fact, I admire all of the people here at FPS.

Here's why: they all share the same dedication to quality, integrity, and service to each and every client that is so important to Dave and me.  Time and time again I witness everyone pulling together to serve our clients with the very best we have to offer regardless of their standing in the flute world, their purchase level, or if we stand to lose money on a situation.  Phone manners are impeccable, follow up is considered important, and interaction with the clients consistently puts the client's interest at the forefront.

Behind the scenes, we have a very positive and supportive culture.  When I travel for long periods of time, I know that the FPS staff will give clients the same time and attention that I would have. Emails and phone calls will be answered, people who ship flutes informed their beloved instrument is in the shop safe and sound, and precious flutes are packaged to exacting specifications.

So, how to celebrate??  An all-new web site!

User friendly, easy to navigate, bright, clear, beautiful photos, and so much more.  In fact, as I write this, I realize that the web site reflects us all at Flute Pro Shop!  Quality is our hallmark, and this web site is exactly that: a quality experience for all who enter.

Please visit the site, let us know your thoughts, browse at your heart's content, be inspired by a flute, and join with us in the love of this great instrument that has given those who play it, service it, and care for it so much joy.