Greetings from Whispering Lane, Wells, Maine July 09 2013





And for my husband and I, that means the farm in Wells, Maine.  We load up the Labradors, the humans, all sorts of beach stuff, and head north.  In about 7.5 hours, we are in a little piece of heaven, here in southeast Maine.

Here the sounds of traffic are rare, the bird calls frequent, the wild turkeys abundant, and where the Labradors can run free through the hay fields.

Some years ago, some of the land around this property was sold to create a country club and golf course.  Then the  recession hit and the project was abandoned.  How quickly the forest took over what had been cleared!  There is a mountain of top soil that is now covered with trees and underbrush.  We counted 15 abandoned earth movers, tractor trailers, trailers, paving machines, a steam roller, all scattered in the field across Burnt Mill Road.  What an eyesore and waste this all is.

But back here at the farm, we don't see much of that at all.  We are shielded by the remnants of an apple orchard, rolling hills, and a white clapboard house about 1/4 mile away.

The activities are honed by years of visiting here with our dear friends.  Early on, it was just the 4 of us, sometimes accompanied by friends.  Then the babies came, and we had quite a group.  There was the annual play the kids put on, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, trips to Dad's Ice cream, Boogie Boarding, canoe trips, and more.

Beach time is a big deal around here.  It is hard to think that there is another beach more beautiful than Drakes Island Beach.  When the tide goes out, there is a broad beach of hard sand, making it perfect for bocce ball, a fiercely competitive game in which we use a tape measure to assure accuracy!  Long walks down the beach are a must.  Early in the AM, the Labradors enjoy a swim and a fetch at the beach, where it is a canine play ground.

Then there are the great towns of Kennebunkport and Ogunquit, where the food and shopping are excellent.

Today, since it is raining and cool, we will go to Freeport, ME, and make the annual visit to L. L. Bean and begin holiday shopping.

The great fun of this is that we have shared this vacation time with dear friends for decades.  It is wonderful to spend time with a friend who knows you so well, who understands the non-verbal communications, who respects your space, and can tell when it is time for me to go to the Laundromat (when the kids were with us it was  how I got a little solitude)  This is the only friend I have like this, and I treasure this precious  time with her.

We can go other places for summer vacation, and for some years we did, but a week each summer in Maine remains a tradition that we cherish.

Just a little breather before NFA....Oh no!  Now I have to practice....