Viento Flute 258 RHL


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Viento Flute 258 RHL


The VIENTO FL 258 series flutes feature a headjoint completely made of silver 925 (sterling silver), i.e. not only the tube, but the riser and the lip plate are made of silver as well. The body and footjoint are of nickel silver and are silver plated. With this carefully hand cut headjoint the VIENTO FL 258 has audibly more overtones across the range of the flute. The altogether warm sound characteristics satisfy even the most demanding flutists.

All VIENTO flutes are carefully adjusted by hand and must pass strict quality control standards. Sound variation, response and intonation of every flute are checked by Christina Xu personally before delivery. Every VIENTO concert flute comes with a signed quality certificate, case, bag, wooden cleaning stick and two cleaning cloths.
5 year warranty on all VIENTO flutes!

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