Helen Spielman-A Flute in My Refigerator: Celebrating a Life In Music

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Written from the heart, A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music illuminates one woman's deeply personal experience as a musician. The stories, correspondence, and interviews abound with treasures uncovered when love and passion guide a life. The narrative is rich with the joy, struggle, and fullness of her journey as a music teacher, adult learner, performer, and seeker of growth through music.

Author Helen Spielman did not seek a life in music, but found herself taking four teenagers on a flute trip to London, observing Sir James Galway record a CD at Abbey Roads Studios, and concertizing in a prison. Through her beautiful, touching, and sometimes hilarious tales, readers will discover deeper layers of humanity within themselves.

"This book is a joy to read: full of fascinating insights and anecdotes that illuminate the triumphs and tribulations of a musician's life.....a heart-warming testament to the dedication of a teacher and the healing power of music." -- Lowell Liebermann, world-renowned composer

"Rarely does someone share that which is truly meaningful in her life on such an intimate level. Helen describes the depths of her musical journey with dignity, forthrightness, enormous grace, enthusiasm and love. This book is a page turner, not because of some adventure story, but because of the pure honesty and courage of its expression. It is only the time of night that compels me to stop reading." -- Brooks de Wetter-Smith, James Gordon Hanes Distinguished Professor of Flute, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill