FMC 25th Anniversary Flute No. 1002


Sold Out

Flute Masters Co. 

Sterling Silver (Ag970) HJ and Body (Seamed tube welded with 970 silver) *

14k Gold engraved lip plate and riser

Chased keys


B foot 

Split E 

*Phoenix Engraving


* A seamed tube is generally welded using the wax material, but the FMC flute is welded with the same material to have a better resonance and more durability.

FMC Flute Masters dared to tackle this difficult process with their high technology and finally succeeded in the development of this completely new seamed tube.


FMC Headjoints with Modern cut are made to take the balance of resonance in all resisters ideally

It’s by making the height of the riser higher than that of the cooper and shifting the center of the embouchure hole to the front slightly.

It means that FMC has succeeded to increase the inner capacity of the hole without increasing undercut to produce the well balanced resonance in all resisters.


A note from the maker regarding the headjoint cut. "Although FMC Modern cut becomes a little smaller than Cooper’s in the point to catch, it will produce not only a powerful sound, but also a deep resonance ."

"I am sure that our FMC flutes are the best flute for the advanced and professional flutists who can catch the point with their ideal embouchure."