The project encompasses 12 miniatures composed by Louis Anthony deLise which are released once a month. The score, parts, and recording will be released on the 11th  of each month and available until the 22nd. Then, poof, they will go away. Every three months, a volume of 3 printed scores and flute parts will be available for purchase, published by ALRY.

By the end of the year, there will be 4 volumes of miniatures, and a CD compilation will be released.
Anne Sullivan and Joan Sparks will provide performance guides.




Louis Anthony deLise composes orchestral, chamber, and choral works that are performed around the world and published in print by Alry Publications, LLC, and Metropolis Music Publishing. He earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in composition from the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University where he also taught for many years. 
Also an orchestral musician, he performed with The Opera Company of Philadelphia. He was for many years a percussionist and arranger for Peter Nero and the Philly Pops orchestra. 
Louis Anthony deLise is the producer, arranger, and conductor for Billboard magazine chart records on the labels of CBS, EMI, Mercury, Centaur, Vanguard, and Def-Soul records. He is the author of The Contemporary Minstrel, a textbook on songwriting.