Dehnhard, Tilmann : Flute Beatboxing


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Move on with flute-beatboxing using studies to perfect techniques and real winners for the concert platform such as: Black or White and Billie Jean. Tilmann Dehnhard provides tips and practical advice.

 After Tilmann Dehnhard's award-winning 'The New Flute' was published, it was soon clear that a demand existed for further study material and concert pieces for flutebeatboxing. 'Flutebeatboxing - Studies and Pieces' is a follow-up to the fundamentals and basic techniques explained and demonstrated in 'The New Flute'. Beginning with easy exercises (bronze level) for mastering the basic, individual beatboxing sounds, these compositions progress through to concert level (Platinum). Together with four concert studies, familiar favourites are included: Summertime, Billie Jean, Black or White and Badinerie by J. S. Bach as well as "beatbox classics": a collection of well-known melodies which are especially suitable for flute-beatboxing.

• Comprehensive practice and performance material for the popular Flute-Beatboxing technique
• The cool arrangements of Summertime, Black or White and Billie Jean will help you steal the show
• Progressive programme of exercises and etudes from bronze level (easy) to platinum (concert)
• This book complements the Fluteboxing chapter in Tilmann Dehnhard's much acclaimed Workbook & DVD 'The New Flute' (available as UE 35320)