Cohen, Jonathan : Flutes of Nature


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NEW! Premiered at the 2016 NFA Convention by the Pacific Flute Ensemble

I Paused in the Wood
Commissioned by Darrin Thaves and the Pacific Flute Ensemble for premiere at the 2016 NFA Convention.
Here are three vignettes from the outdoors: A Boy and His Tiger describes the childhood joy and freedom of a sunny Saturday morning spent looking for adventure and fun in the woods with a friend. Snow Falling on the Hawlings River describes a peaceful moment as I hiked along the Hawlings river in Maryland and watched big flakes of snow settling silently into the winding water. The Pine Squirrel Tarantella was inspired by the tiny pine squirrels found in the high country of The Rockies. While squirrels can dance as the group with great gusto and quick motions, the result is not necessarily in synchrony.

Scored for piccolo, 4 flutes, alto, bass, and contrabass or bass 2. Performance time: 5 to 6 minutes.